Your Journey Within,
Emerge Stronger

Unleash Self-Understanding, Build Resilience, and

Foster Divine Connections

Hope is here for you

Hope is here for you

What is the story you tell yourself? 

Is this you?

We hold a mirror to you

Providing the insights and tools for you to become more self-aware. We begin by identifying your personality type and the patterns you have within you.  With this clearer understanding, you can start recognizing where you’ve been going wrong and begin to make more informed decisions. 

In addition to self-discovery, we also provide compassionate coaching and counseling to guide you through grief and anxiety, helping you find healthier coping mechanisms tailored to your unique personality.

Together, we also explore your spiritual story, connecting you back to your spiritual roots and helping you understand your role in the larger scope of life. It’s not just about counseling or teaching – it’s about bringing awareness and understanding to you, so you can find your sweet spot in life. 

You are supported in working towards unveiling your true self, learning how to respond and not overreact, and finding peace and purpose in your journey.

Work With Us

Grief Counseling

If you’re caught in the grips of fear and anxiety, battling grief, or simply feeling lost, you’re not alone. Grief is a complex and vast landscape, and it’s not just about bereavement. You can grieve for a career loss, a family estrangement or the loss of a close friendship. All of these types of grief can affect how you live your day to day life. 


Grief counseling  provides a supportive space where we navigate this journey together. Using my proven approach, we’ll demystify the elements of loss and grieving, replacing the fear and confusion with practical, real-world understanding. Together, we’ll guide you towards regaining confidence and easing your anxieties. Let’s find the light through the darkness together.

Enneagram Assessments

Understanding yourself is the key to improved daily living. Enneagram assessments help illuminate your unique personality patterns, revealing your strengths and your areas for growth. By bringing self-awareness to your habits and tendencies, these assessments empower you to make better decisions, enhance your relationships, and manage life’s ups and downs more effectively. This allows you to step into a life of greater self-understanding, clarity, and personal empowerment.


Immerse yourself in our intimate small group retreats, where spiritual rejuvenation meets personal growth. These retreats are designed to align your soul and refresh your spirit. 


Through this transformative journey, you’ll cleanse spiritually, gain profound self-understanding, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Embrace the opportunity to refresh your spirit and transform your life.

About Dr. Deb Walters

Dr. Deb Walters is more than an accomplished grief counselor and spiritual care guide; she is a beacon of hope and a pillar of support in challenging times. 

With a wide range of qualifications including a Ph.D., M.Div., BSW, BCC, LPC, and certification as an Enneagram Specialist, she brings a wealth of expertise to her work. In addition to helping her clients navigate through loss, she collaborates with professionals on complex cases and offers specialized retreats and seminars. 

Dr. Deb is an ordained clergy member and the author of the inspiring books, ‘Living Boldly and Dying Well’ and ‘Generous Grief’.

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