Dr. Debra Walters

I am grateful to give care and share gifts of counsel, direction, and spiritual care to others.

Dr. Debra Walters

Dr. Deb is a professional grief expert who works with awareness needs in spiritual care and grief support.

She is a reliable colleague and collaborative consultant on challenging cases for other professional colleagues. She has served and aided her own clientele to find healing after loss. And in the work of educational enrichment and bereavement support programs, Dr. Deb has offered specialized retreats and seminars. Author of Living Boldly & Dying Well and Generous Grief.


Consulting & Coaching

Self Awareness and Transformation out of Grief and Loss


Happy Customers

Dr. Deb led such a wonderful grief day retreat at the Ignatius House where a soul could rest and take stock. She had the day so thoughtfully organized so that each activity built on each other and by the end, we had each had a different experience of peace, closure and deeper understanding. The experience remains a source of strength and empowerment as I move forward in my career and my life.

Hannah Graves LMSW

Debra has a deep understanding of the Enneagram. She is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in everything she does. Debra is gifted at languaging complex concepts in a manner that allows the content of any ideas to be taught easily. I highly recommend Debra for Enneagram teaching, training, coaching, and typing interviews.”

Deborah Ooten
CEO Conscious Living Center Conscious Dynamics, LLC.

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